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August News

Postby Marleaux » Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:46 am


A simmering gift here for for the birthday babies!

We're still in the middle of full pageant swing! If you want to find a pageant or contest to enter to pass your time, go check out the classifieds.

That said, we have our own contest here on glam!
Barbie Em!

Don't let me down glammers, make some funny Em's. Missed the Cocktail Hour contests? There will be more to come.

Actor Challenges are back, baby!

8/11 - The deadline for Doll Em has been extended until August 31st! Needz moar emz!

8/14 - OSCAR AWARDS for April '11-May '12 for Dolls and Bases are up. Pixel Art and Digital/Traditional Art are now up! \o/
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