Redoll an Awards Dress

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Redoll an Awards Dress

Post by Em » Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:36 pm

The fabulous season of awards show fashion is upon us. Over the years this has resulted in some stunning dolls to capture the beauty of the dresses worn. But this time we'd like for you to bring a little creativity to the game. Every year at redoll you take something that someone has already dolled and change it. This year we would like for you to take a dress that someone has already made and change it in some way.

Theme: Doll an awards show gown as worn by a celebrity, BUT you have to change something about the dress. It can be color, something about the pattern, the way the bodice looks, it doesn't matter what is changed but at least one thing needs to be different.

  • -Dress must have been worn by someone to an awards show
    -You must change at least one thing about the dress
    -It can be worn by the actor it was originally on or a model of your choice
    -Must be a new doll
    -Obviously, no nudity
Deadline: April 15

  • -1st place: Custom Av by one of the artisans
    -2nd place: 100 diamonds

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[b]Originally Seen:[/b] (Include the actress who wore it and to which awards show)
Av by Hollay

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