Birthday Wishes!

Post your request, and see if there is anyone willing to fill it.
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Birthday Wishes!

Post by BTD » Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:36 pm

Ok my Birthday is on the 2nd of January and I have a odd request.

I do want gift in the form of Pixels & dolls but I want something else done.

1: When a person post a gift they can put 3 request.
2:Now the next poster can choose to do me a gift or one of the post above them.
3: I will pay for all gift even if they are not from me. I have very few diamonds now but if you really want them I can give them. If you want a art trade then let me know.
4: The poster can put a few rules to there request.
5: It doesn't have to be a doll you can make a pixel based on the request.

I want others to have gifts so lets get started plus I will try to fill request below me.

My request:

1:I want anything Hulk related.
2: My persona Btd. She is a tiger-shifter.
Spoiler: show
Human: Long Wavy brown hair, Blue eyes, anything you want to do her in.
Tiger form: Black body, blue eyes, purple stripes, purple pointed ears/feet/tail

Her favorite colors are Purple, Black, Brown, Red, Grey, Blue
Favorite food: Tomatoes
Favorite flowers: sunflowers, daisies
3: Anything for Stormnicki, Kenly, Ora or Ashuri

Now lets get this party started!

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Re: Birthday Wishes!

Post by StormNicki » Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:26 pm

i will help pay :) i have diamonds in the bank or you can request a doll from me :)
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