Late greetings are the best greetings!

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Late greetings are the best greetings!

Post by chubchub » Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:29 am

Hey guys, I'm Chubchub, or Lily - you can call me either, whatever floats your boat. :D I'm 13 and I've been dolling for a few years, but decided to do some more complicated pixel art only a month or so back. I procrastinate like heck, which is mainly the reason I don't have an avatar yet, or an example of pixel art that I actually cared about - but, I am working on a piece now! I promise!
Joking, I am.
Sometimes I can be really awkward, internet and real life, but that's sometimes! I can be really outgoing too, like now. Maybe it's because I'm tired? Maybe it's because it's 2 in the morning? Who knows.
I have a few computer problems, like only one third of my computer screen working, dial-up speed internet (all day erryday) and some broken keys - but I've gotten used to it.
When I can, I go to the internet cafe to play computer games that I can't play at home, and to have some decent-speed internet time. I play Fiesta Online and Touhou Project - usually the former, though I've been playing Touhou a bit more recently. Maybe it's because of the music. Seriously, go listen to Plain Asia for me. It's godry.
I like all kinds of music. One day I could like rock, next day I could hate it and like orchestral, then like rock again. The only one thing that doesn't change is piano music. Love it, wish I could learn some of the stuff. I do have a piano, but haven't completely learned any songs yet - I still have to master playing the left and right hand at the same time! xD
Last thing I have to say is that I LOVE to pull all nighters when I can (AKA weekends and school breaks!).
I guess that's me. I hope to contribute to the forum in some way and make some awesome internet friends/bros. (:

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Re: Late greetings are the best greetings!

Post by 4br4 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:40 pm

Welcome to the forum Lily! :D

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Re: Late greetings are the best greetings!

Post by B-List Monster Movie » Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:35 am

Have you seen a movie short before involving the chubchubs? For the life of me I can't remember what movie it played in front of, but I remember it being really silly and ridiculous and in the end the character and the chubchubs sung an Aretha Franklin song. Respect, I think.
If you haven't seen it, it may be worth looking into.

Procraaastination, my baaane. I feel you there. I look forward to seeing your work soon, then!
Also, I feel your pain with the computer issues, too.
I don't have to work on dial-up anymore because my grandmother and college both have faster options. But. My parents have and will probably always have dial-up. I did not know the wonders of faster internet until I was fifteen or something.
Also, we had a moniter that was messed up like a jigsaw puzzle for a while. /that/ was awesome. Uuuhhh...
I've had several friends into Touhou Project, but aside from being vaguely familiar with what the characters look like, I don't know too much about it. It seems like something that would be relevant to my interests, though.
An internet cafe, though? Wow. That's lucky to have in the area. I went to our library when my internet got unbearable, but, it was only a tad better. Maybe it's the equivalent.

And, yes. piano music. Love the stuff. I also have a piano, and I took classes for a loong time, but I've never been any good. My last piano teacher took a break from teaching for the summer and then never called me back. > w>;;

all-nighters ftw~

Hope to see you around Glam! more.
This is the first time on a dolling forum that I've reached 1oo posts in under a year. Successssss~

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Re: Late greetings are the best greetings!

Post by jme90x » Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:02 am

wow -- dolling and only 13 -- wish I had that kinda talent
can't wait to see more of your work =D

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