Talent Agency v2.1

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Talent Agency v2.1

Post by mokia » Mon May 09, 2011 9:35 am

This is mokia, your friendly neighborhood spiderman Talent Agency mod. :) There are a few things I'd like to share with you.

First noticeable change is that we have combined two sections. The training room (previously for mentors and trainees to discuss) and the dressing room (previously for co-stars to discuss) have been combined. The dressing room is now both for co-stars and mentors/trainees. This was to correct the fact that both essentially served the same purpose, but under a different name. Nothing about the process of the topics has changed, they are just in the same spot now.

A small minor change is that mentors will now be known as Super Stars and trainees will be known as Protostars.

I'd like to go over the process of how to obtain a partner. This has changed greatly from the Talent Agency's first days. The TA is now entirely 100% self-service. The process is thus:
-Depending on what role you'd like to fill (mentor, trainee, co-star) you fill out the appropriate sign-up sheet.
-After you have done that, you can either wait for someone to PM you, or you can go through the list that matches yours (either the co-star thread, or the protostar thread if you are a super star, or vice versa) and PM someone that you'd like to partner with.
-If they say yes, edit your post in the sign-up area to say you are unavailable. I will not be keeping track of your forms, so if you edit the post/delete it and then want to join back in you WILL have to fill out a new form.
-In the dressing room start a topic with both of your names. This will be your thread until your partnership is over. No one else is allowed to comment in your thread. If they do PM me.


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