Nightroad's OCs (Permanent Request)

Post your request, and see if there is anyone willing to fill it.
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Nightroad's OCs (Permanent Request)

Post by Nightroad » Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:24 pm

This thread is for me to use to request art of my favorite OCs~~ So I will list my characters below, their descriptions! And for any of them, if you need more information, please feel free to ask.

OC #1 -
Jyan von Christ
About Jyan wrote:Skinny vampire boy with a fixation on Victorian fashions and terrible with modern devices. Born September 19, 1382 to fairly well-to-do parents and the second son and third child of his father, Frederick. Has pitch black hair that falls to mid-back, and vivid green eyes. His pupils contract like a cat's when he's exposed to bright lights, and his fangs are always visible...he's my Nightwalker vampire. x3

Name: Jyan von Christ
Race: Vampire
Hair: Black, falls to below his shoulders, slightly curly. Keeps it tied back.
Height: 5'8"
Build: European, built somewhat lithe.
Eye color: Dark green
Marks: Has a scar on his left palm in the shape of a cross.
Clothing style: He is incredibly fond of wearing things in the style of Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. It reminds him of Victorian fashions, and yet is fashionable in modern times. However, for most of his day-to-day (night-to-night) duties, he'll don a bit of a punk rock look...he saves the EGA for council meetings and formal affairs, mostly. xP
Notable Scars: Has a cross-shaped scar on his right palm. Usually covers it with gloves.
Face Claim - for a real-life reference: Tom Mison, of Sleepy Hollow fame. [x],[x]

OC #2 -
Tasukata Sakura
About Sakura wrote:A Nogitsune with a 'tude, and then some. Born in the winter of 1169 to a clan of kitsune, she meekly followed her parents and their beliefs of serving Inari...until an encounter with the spirit of a dead Nogitsune assassin turned her around. Slaughtering her clan with a blade older than her family's name, Sakura began to carve her own way through blade and blood, fusing with the spirit that haunted her. When she goes berserk, the spirit overcomes her and it has no mercy for the living. She has platinum blond hair that falls to her butt, bright blue eyes, and sharp fangs that hide when she's donning a human guise. When the spirit overcomes her, her eyes turn hot pink, with black sclera. When she shows her ears and tail in her humanoid form, they are white, but tipped with red the color of dried blood...given to her when she killed her family.

Name: Tasukata Sakura
Race: Kitsune
Hair: Platinum blond, falls to her waist.
Height: 5'6"
Build: Japanese, built like a dancer.
Eye color: Ice blue
Marks: None.
Clothing style: She's fond of bright, cheery colors. For Modern times: She's sort of pastel goth, I suppose. It's the closest I can come to describing her clothing style. xD But she's fond of Japanese street fashions, so she'd wear whatever was popular, I suppose. For Medieval times: A kimono that has been cut so that the layers fall, jaggedly, to above the knees, and the sleeves have been ripped off. Typically pink to white, with little to no decoration. She wears tabi, and geta. Has a sword that hangs at her side - black sheath, with red splatter on it.
Face Claim - for a real-life reference: Ayumi Hamasaki [x] (pic Photoshopped to resemble my OC)

OC #3 -
Dominic William Murray
About Dominic wrote:Dominic was born to a family of very minor nobles, who often sought to overcome their current station by marrying up in the chain. Dominic was promised, at a very young age, to a pretty thing named Elizabeth. Dominic was not inclined towards women, which left Liz feeling rather unsatisfied about their also produced no heirs for the family to use to climb further, and Dominic was not torn up about that. When Dominic was in his late 20s, he was turned into a vampire by someone who called themselves "Dracula" - though Dom really figured it was just a vampire with a penchant for theatrics. Dom is a Daywalker, which means that he appears human until he so chooses to appear otherwise.

Name: Dominic Murray
Race: Vampire
Hair: Short, dirty blond, and slightly curly.
Height: 6'2"
Build: Lean and a bit lanky
Eye color: Blue
Marks: None.
Clothing style: Khakis and polo shirts for casual wear, or button ups and sweater vests, dons fancy a nice suit every now and then.
Face Claim - for a real-life reference: curly blonde!Tom Hiddleston [x]

OC #4 -
Dáire Alaois Ó Ceallacháin
About Genesis wrote:Born to a peasant human woman in a small village in Ireland, Dáire knew of his Unseleighe heritage from the day he first began to speak. His mother was not sure how, as she had never told him, but Dáire told her that the fairies whispered to him in his sleep. When he was 8, he decided that he would embark upon a journey to get his real father {"Alaois Ceallach Ciar Ó Caoimh, Prince of the Unseleighe Fae"} to recognize him before the court as his true born son, and to make him fully Fae. When he was 14, he met an Unseleighe Fae by the name of Caolán, who sought to help the half-human boy out of a misguided infatuation. Genesis is now in his 20s, and still unaware that Caolán is in love with him.

Name: "Genesis" (nickname); Dáire Alaois Ó Ceallacháin (real name)
Race: Half-human, half-Unseleighe Fae
Hair: Short, wavy, and bleached blond.
Height: 5'8"
Eye color: Grey
Marks: None.
Clothing style: Flashy. He's a wannabe prince, and likes to dress the part.
Face Claim: Rolly, like he dressed in the movie Suicide Circle [x]

OC #5 -
Tsubasa Sagi
About Sagi wrote:Tsubasa Sagi was born to a family whose name had been darkened by the rise of a new king, a king of their line who was cruel and merciless...and Sagi sought to imitate him, when she saw how the general public cowered before him. She rose in power, becoming his right hand and his master tactician, and faithfully served him...not caring that those below would suffer the consequences of her king's actions, and only caring about gaining her king's approval. She is not entirely heartless, however, as when she is confronted with the truth, she sides with those of the light and helps to bring the darkness crashing down...mostly to ensure her own continued survival.

Name: Tsubasa Sagi
Race: Crow tengu
Hair: Long, black, and falls to her waist
Height: 5'9"
Eye color: Violet blue
Marks: None.
Clothing style: Subdued, almost as if she were in mourning. Tends toward shades of black and dark purple. You can see her in her favorite dress here!. She ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wears the broach that is pinned to the front of her dress in that pic. c:
Face Claim: Kana Nishino [x]

OC #6 -
Nooa Ammas Rinne
About Nooa wrote:A boy who eats souls, as part of a deal for eternal youth with a powerful demon. Born June 11, 1992, Nooa Rinne took the fashion world by storm. He became a highly sought-after model, but his parents felt it was going to his head...and sent him to a boarding school. While there, he spent his time learning things that were definitely NOT on the curriculum, and came home to slaughter his family one cheery spring break. Using their deaths as a sacrifice, he summoned forth a powerful demon, who promised him eternal youth in exchange for 100 virgin souls. They made their pact, and Nooa's parents' deaths were blamed on someone else.

Nooa is on soul 93. Funny how quickly people surrender their all when they think they might become famous.

Nooa has white-blonde hair that falls to his lower back, pink eyes, and is pale. (His eyes were brown before he made the pact.) When he goes to consume a soul, his sclera become black, and the iris turns magenta red.

Doll by: ? {I don't remember who made this for me, unfortunately.}
Name: Nooa Ammas Rinne
Race: Human...ish. Soul currently in contract to a powerful demon.
Hair: Poofy, blonde, and very scene. Refer to the doll above for a good reference.
Height: 5'7"
Eye Color: Pink, with white sclera.
Marks: None.
Clothing Style: Stripes! And blue jeans. His favorite sweater is wool, with black and white stripes, and he usually pairs it with rainbow bracelets, fancy blue jeans, and black Converses. He also wears a bow in his hair.
Face Claim: VJ Ruuska [x]
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