C/C = Comments and Critiques

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C/C = Comments and Critiques

Post by Em » Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:33 am

Everyone here is an artist, and surely everyone is looking to improve; as a result, on GLAM!, all posts are open to c/c. There is no option to say 'no c/c please!', because even if you don't plan on changing a doll, C/C can be helpful, giving ideas as to how to fix problem areas in the next piece.

However, you can choose what level of critique you would like to receive; just include one of the following terms in your post to let people know how intense you'd like member comments to be.

Light C/C: This is simple, gentle c/c. It won't go too in depth, it'll just mention general problems and offer up some suggestions.
Example wrote:I think your doll turned out pretty great. I love the colours and clothing style you have chosen. However, her hair seems to lack some definition of individual strands which is something you should try working on. Otherwise, nice work!
Moderate C/C: More in depth c/c, this'll point out problem areas and explain how to fix problems within them.
Example wrote:Wow, such a nice dress design. I like how it's not a generic formal gown but it's not so 'far out' and crazy that it's unbelievable as a gown for a regular person to wear.

I also love the colour you chose, however I feel like the jewelry doesn't quite match it. Is the jewelry something specific to the character? If this is the case, I think that the gown perhaps should have been a more fitting colour to match a little better. If it's not, maybe just edit the colour of the jewelry a bit. :)

Anyway, other than that I think you've gone a superb job. Keep up the good work.
Harsh C/C: Harsh c/c will pull a doll to pieces, pointing out even the most minute flaws.
Example wrote:Firstly can I say how wonderful this doll is. The colours and the flow that it has are just phenomenal, they way they merge together,and not to mention how complex that hair looks. Very nice work.

I have a few nitpicky things to say however. You don't seem to put shadows on the base where the clothing would cast shadows. This means that the top seems to float slightly as if it weren't connected to the doll. The eyes have also been left the plain colour of the base? Was this intentional? It just seems as if you've glossed over the base a bit and concentrated on the hair and clothing not the doll as a whole.

Some of your folds also seem a bit too stiff and even; generally, with all the forces that pull on a piece of clothing, folds won't just fall straight and be evenly spaced. Try adding some variation to widths, some different angles, some shapes going in different directions, and make the dress look a bit more 'real'.

Having said all that I think if you keep an eye out for the little things like basework in future dolls, if you focus on realism in the clothing, it'll make a huge amount of difference. :D Keep up with the fab work!
In all cases, keep in mind that C/C means comments and critiques, and means mentioning both the good and the bad. When giving c/c, try to be polite and kind and detailed instead of just saying 'this doll sucks!', and also remember that pointing out the good can be just as helpful as pointing out the bad.
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