Art Theft

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Art Theft

Post by Em » Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:37 am

We are not going to write a lot of crazy rules defining art theft, here on GLAM! If we think something is unacceptable, then we'll contact a member directly to discuss; there are only a few things that are absolutely defined.

Theft and Crediting: obviously, never take someone else's work and claim that it is your own. If any piece of your artwork is created by someone else -- base, prop, palettes -- provide the proper credit in a clickable link to the artist who created it.

Frankendolling: never take any piece of another artist's doll, base, or pixel to create your own unless you have their express permission.

Tracing: likewise, never trace any artist's work, whether it be photograph, drawing, pixel, or any other artform, to create your own piece unless you have their express written permission. When using stock photography, please be sure to follow all the stock rules.

Lack of Credit: by this point, after so many years of clickable credits being the 'norm', dollers know the rules, and any failure to do so is almost certainly an oversight. If someone has forgotten credit, you can kindly remind them and offer up the suitable link to help them out.

Dealing with Theft: please do not post in a public area of the forum to accuse a thief. You are free to PM them, report the post, or PM one of the moderators if you think someone has stolen artwork -- just be sure to include any evidence, images, and links that will help prove the case, and try to be polite. Accusations upset people. Calm heads might bring them around.

Our Punishment: we are serious about not stealing artwork from other people, so our punishments will be extremely firm, and determined on a case-by-case basis according to what we believe to be fair.

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