Some OC's for fun

Post your request, and see if there is anyone willing to fill it.
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Some OC's for fun

Post by Phoenigette » Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:23 pm

I keep forgetting to post this here actually. And make references. (I am working on the references I swear!). These few are all in the same world, which is essentially Modern Paranormal.

Mari on the left, Sidney on the right

Race – Fae
Hair – White / Pale Blonde*, short - can be a bob - that is sometimes spiky or wavy
Skin – Super pale, not freckled in fae form*
Eyes – Green*, somewhat unnaturally so
Body Type – Skinny and flexible, small bust, average height
Appearance Other – Pointed ears in fae form. Unlike most other fae Sidney stands out normally, so she tends to take a human form in public.
*Can shift into pretty much any species which alters her appearance slightly. She is always some shade of blonde and varying shades of pale. Her eye color varies the most depending on what species she is pretending to be at the time. Ex: human – hazel or a less alarming shade of green; werewolf – gold.
Fashion - She wears shoes designed for being nimble or running most of the time. She likes high waisted shorts or yoga pants. She’s not very busty, so she tends to wear tops that don’t call attention to it; tank tops, high collared shirts. She would rather show off her back than her non-existent cleavage.
Personality – Snarky little shit. She loves learning new things and new skills, especially about animals, but can get dangerous when bored.
Magic – shifting into any species. Highly skilled at hand to hand combat in many forms and very fast. Can use almost no range magic.
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Race – Fae (witch born)
Hair – deep brown, wildly curly, goes to the shoulder blades. Frequently down, sometimes up in messy bun or twin messy buns
Skin – Light creamy brown
Eyes – Hazel
Body Type – Curvy but still in shape, medium to large bust, slightly taller than average
Appearance Other – Pointed ears in fae form, but is hidden by her hair. Mari is almost always in fae form and almost always smiling. She likes makeup and clothing that isn’t great for combat. Specifically crop tops.
Personality – Mari is very friendly and cheerful. She’s a little self-conscious about her abilities and loves spending her time making other people happy. Also watching trash television.
Magic – Her magic is incredibly varied and mostly element based, but not super powerful.
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